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Most of our 2020 travel plans have been thwarted by the pandemic. The Coronavirus, since the beginning of the year, has turned out to be a massive showstopper, quite literally. Those of us who had booked tickets are now waiting for refunds on our canceled tickets. There is a sense of anxiety in the atmosphere regarding the uncertainty of the pandemic’s stay.

However, the wanderlust in us can always find a way to soothe our traveling appetite. Here are 10 travel-related activities you can do at home:

Go to virtual tours

Thanks to technology, we are now able to travel to our favorite destinations without stepping out of our homes. You just need a smartphone or laptop and a stable internet connection. You can visit famous museums, art galleries, national parks, and historical places virtually.

If you are someone who enjoys visiting culturally rich places, virtual tours are the best option for you in these times of quarantine. Some of the amazing art galleries you can visit include the Louvre, Vatican, and Van Gogh museums, etc.

For adventure and nature lovers, Kenai Fjords, Faroe Islands, Dry Tortugas, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, etc. are available for virtual tours. Similarly, history lovers can visit Rome, Versailles Palace, Buckingham Palace within seconds.

Cook something you wanted to eat on a trip

It is often food that makes us want to revisit a place. If you travel to new places for the food and are unable to calm the foodie in you, you can try cooking famous meals from different places. Just search the recipe on the internet and start cooking and you can have the experiences of the world sitting at your home.

Watch travel documentaries and movies

There are a plethora of documentaries and movies based on traveling that will take your mind off the woe of not being able to travel. Watching vlogs, movies, documentaries or any other content on traveling can also give you a list of things to add to your bucket list. Here are a few examples of some great documentaries on traveling:

  • 180 Degrees South
  • Encounters at The End of The World
  • March of the Penguins
  • Life in a Day

Travel-related movies

  • Into the Wild
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Lost in Translation
  • The Bucket List

virtual tour during corona

Read travel blogs and books

Just like movies and documentaries, a wide range of reading material is available for wanderlusts. Here are a few for you to catch up with:

Travel-related books

  • On the Road
  • Under The Tuscan Sun
  • The Rings of Saturn
  • The Alchemist

Travel Blogs

  • Adventurous Kate
  • Amateur Traveler
  • Backpacking Matt
  • Be My Travel Muse

Listen to travel-related podcasts

If you are someone who prefers to listen to travel-related stuff, podcasts are perfect for you. Listening to podcasts, you not only enjoy learning about new experiences from people around the world but you are also introduced to a lot of insights and special skills that make your travel experience better the next time you go on a vacation.

Best travel podcasts

  • Zero to Travel
  • Travel With Rick Steves
  • The Travel Diaries
  • Armchair Explorer

Plan your next trip

While our traveling plans have been unfortunately postponed indefinitely still we are resuming taxi or airport transportation service during the corona pandemic, we can always look at the brighter aspect of this situation. We can take this time to plan our next outing so that when we go on a trip next time, it is phenomenal in every way. More often than not we are not able to plan ahead properly due to a lack of time. Now that we have all the time in the world, we can pay attention to all the minute details of traveling such as finding a good hotel, preparing a list of places to visit, and arranging for a budget.

Learn a new language

As a traveler, you must have faced a scenario where you don’t know the common language and it is difficult for you to express yourself. Now, that we are all staying at home, we can take this time to learn a new language and never face the problem of looking like an outsider again.

Many websites offer free courses for a range of languages. Register with any of them and get learning.

Get a view from a famous hotel

Many hotels are offering live streaming so wanderlusts can quench their thirst for having a great hotel room view while sitting at their homes.

Revive old memories

All the pictures you took in your previous trips and all the videos you made of stunning scenes and locations, it is time to relive those moments. It will help you cope with the gloom of not being able to travel as well as keeping up your spirit for traveling.

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