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child & infant car seat in Boston | child seating facility in Boston taxi/car

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Ensure Safety of your Children with Child Seating Facility

Boston Airport Cab service offers the needful safety requirement for the little travelers. Just the way adult seats are protected, the cab service offers child seating facility so that you can rest assured that your children will have a safe journey at any distance traveled. 

child & infant car seat

Choose from the different child seat facilities available for your children as per your need. Boston laws don’t exempt a kid’s taxi travel from using appropriate precautions for child seating while driving. Make sure to specify your cab company about the child seating facility that you need, while reserving or online booking. With a little additional bill, safety can be bought.

Traveling always requires precautions, even if the vehicle is perfectly safe, the driver is an expert and the traffic is responsible. Safety concerns must be in high-regards especially if traveling with kids.


Infant/Child Seat Price(Approximately)

  • Infant Seat (Below 15 Mon): $10 per seat
  • Regular Seat (15 Mon - 3 Yrs): $7 per seat
  • Booster Seat (Above 3 Yrs): $5 per seat

Different cities mark kids traveling concerns differently. For example, Florida requires a responsible adult to provide their child/children with appropriate seating arrangement while traveling in a car. Restraining children while traveling in private cars is rather more noticed, parents are especially particular to ensure the same. Child seats are available that are specifically designed to hold your little one safe while driving.

But what happens when the vehicle isn’t personal or if it is a cab? This safety concern often goes unnoticed while using commercial car services. But regardless of the vehicle, personal or private, safety concerns for children don’t change. Hence, it is equally essential to ensure child seating is available even when traveling in a cab.

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