The Coronavirus pandemic is still at large, which gives us no other option than to adapt to it and learn to live with it. That’s why we have resumed our operations with strict precaution measures. While the COVID19 situation seems far from over, we know that by following proper guidelines, we can indulge in our usual activities while keeping the virus at bay.

Here are the steps we are taking to ensure our and our customers’ safety during the ride:

covid-19 safety measures

Healthy Chauffeurs

We have our drivers regularly checked up, sanitized, and protected, so our customers don’t have to worry about interacting with their drivers while riding. The drivers go through regular temperature checks and disinfection before and after responding to a ride. Moreover, all the drivers are provided with a proper mask and disposable hand-gloves for every journey. 

sanitized taxi cab boston

Sanitized Cars

Besides keeping track of our driver’s health, we also make sure the vehicles we offer are well sanitized internally and externally. Our drivers will open and close doors for customers to board and deboard the vehicle and take care of your luggage, if any. The insides of the vehicle are regularly subjected to disinfectant to eradicate any potential harmful element. 

Sanitizers  for Riders

We provide our riders with hand-sanitizers and make sure they are wearing a mask before entering the vehicle. This way, the vehicle remains entirely clean and healthy from inside as well as outside. 

Request to Customers

To resume our services in this situation is a difficult but mandatory decision. We understand how most of us have had to deal with the pandemic. Many of us have places to be, and a lot of things pending to be completed. Therefore, we have brought our services back during these trying times. We are taking every measure to make sure the spread of the virus is controlled. We request our customers to do the same while booking our services. These are the things necessary while traveling in lock-down:

  • Every passenger should wear a mask and additional protective measures.
  • Passengers should wash their hands before and after going out of their houses.
  • Passengers who are feeling under the weather should avoid going out.
  • Passengers should opt for online payment instead of cash payment to avoid physical interactions. 
  • Passengers should avoid touching the exterior of the vehicle.

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