2-Passenger Sedan

Car Color: Black
Car Features:

3/4 - Passenger SEDAN : Maximum Passenger 3-4 - Maximum Checked Bags: 2 Small Luggage and 2 Large Luggage | A sedan seats four or more people and has a fixed roof that is full-height up to the rear window.

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6/7-Passenger MiniVan

Car Color: Gray/Black/Red
Car Features:

Passenger Capacity 6/7 - Maximum Checked Bags 6 Large Luggage and 2 Small Luggage | 6 - Passenger minivan specialized for traveler with 5 or more people or ride share student to ride comfortable | 6-Passenger Minivan comes with 6 seats.

6 2 6

3/4 Passenger Mid Suv

Car Color: black
Car Features: 3/4 Passenger Mid Suv: Passenger Capacity 4 - Maximum Checked Bags: Large Luggage 4 and Small Luggage:2 | 4-Passenger Mid SUV is designed to go over rough surfaces or off-road. These can suitable about 3-4 people.

The Highlander comes in FWD, AWD and a new Hybrid. The 4 cylinder is gone and we get the 3.5L V6 with 270 hp, ...
4 2 4

6/7 Passenger Chevrolet Suburban

Car Color: Black
Car Features:

6 Passenger SUV: Passenger Capacity 6 | Luxury SUV,DVD,Free WiFi - Checked Bags up to 5 - Carry On 0 | 6-Passenger SUV is expanded as Sports Utility Vehicles and are big cars, which were designed to go over rough surfaces or off road. These can accommodate about 5-7 people.

6 4 7

3/4 Chevrolet Suburban SUV

Car Features:

3/4 Suburban SUV Capacity 3/4 - Checked Bags: Large Luggage 3 and Small Luggage:2, Suburban SUV specialized for traveler comfortable ride. 3/4-Suburban SUV has brand new and Premier size with best experienced, Insured and Licensed driver.

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