The original name of veteran’s day is “armistice day”. It is an official US public holiday and is observed every year on November 11. It is to honor all the military veterans – the people who served in the US armed forces. It jibes with other holidays, which includes Remembrance Day and Armistice Day, celebrated in other countries which mark the anniversary of World War I end. The considerable antagonism and war at that time were formally ended at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 1918 which is when the Armistice with Germany was brought into effect. At the persuading of the major veteran organizations, this day was renamed as the Veterans Day in the year 1954.

Make sure that you thank at least one veteran on this day!

Mixing and mingling

Veterans Day is going to be celebrated in Sixth Gear on Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm. This is going to be a celebration of the veterans of Boston and the people who support them. You should stop by! And if you’re worried about the transportation and conveyance, worry no more when you have the Boston airport cab for your rescue!

Ready? Get set. Go!

The DAV 5K for honoring veterans is a walk, run, motorcycle ride and rolling which thanks to the ones who served and raises the awareness of the problems our injured and ill veterans face each day. This race takes place at the Castle Island on Saturday at 9 am. The ticket fees structure is somewhat like below:

  • 25$ for the adults and
  • 15$ for the youth of age between 6 and 15

You can register for participation and we will be happy to give you a taxi/car ride in Boston! Boston airport cabs take this as an honor to show respect to the veterans in any which way possible.

Veterans Day Deals and Discounts