Massachusetts is one of the 13 original colonies and hence has some of the best historical pieces to offer to the travelers. If wanderlust is the mission of your life and you are again off for a vacation, then remember some of the most amazing events near Massachusetts are all set to make your holiday memorable.

The ones who travel discover more about their inner selves than the outer world and hence it is not wrong to say that travel brings peace as well as love back to your life. A trip to Massachusetts will bring even more! Leisure is on your cards if you travel to Massachusetts this summer.


Rhode Island is an amazing state in the United States of America near Massachusetts. The state is all set to host a plethora of events to make summer vacation even more amazing for you! The state is already royal and it is going to make an impact on the travelers’ minds soon with a set of events lined up for the summer season. Book the best taxi services in Massachusetts and visit your favourite events in the Rhode Island conveniently.

Destined between June 22 and June 24 of this year, Newport Flower Show is one of the most spectacular events lined up in the Rhode Island. If you are planning to make a visit near this time of June then you must pay a visit to this beautiful event. Book the best cab from Massachusetts and become a part of the celebration of horticulture, garden displays and all amazing kinds of flowers.

Haven’t you heard of Bristol, the longest Fourth of July event? The first Bristol event was held in 1785 and since then it happens every year in the Rhode Island. Take a cab from Massachusetts and reach the Rhode Island on the 3rd July and enjoy a two days event Bristol featuring drums, parade, bugle corps competition, and of course some sparkling fireworks.

You cannot miss visiting the Newport Folk Fest which scheduled for

July 27 and July 29, 2018. Some of the biggest celebrities are going to be a part of this event. Who would want to miss seeing the Fleet Foxes perform on stage in the Rhode Island? If you are a big fan of Regina Spektor then it is the right time for you to book the tickets before all of them get sold out.

The Rhode Island International Film Festival which regularly showcases more than 250 films is one of the best events in the Rhode Island this year. If your vacation is scheduled in August then make some time for visiting the Rhode Island International Film Festival as it is one of the best ones on the list. Avail the best cab services in Massachusetts and attend this amazing event.

Apart from the above, the Washington County fair, the Grecian Festival, the Block Island Race week and many other events are scheduled in the Rhode Island this summer season! Don’t miss any of them. Attend the events on time; book the best cab services in Massachusetts.