Feel the rush of adrenaline as the most inventive rides, shows and interactive attractions challenge all your senses at the Amusement Park. The newest and most entertaining amusement park in Boston, Amusement Park is loaded with multiple entertaining theme based fun rides.

This is a world class amusement park designed by internationally renowned design consultants and architects; it is a great place to experience thrill and excitement.

The Park is well connected and is easily accessible. We have various offers and passes to make it even more affordable for you. Visit the amusement park with your friends and family to have an unforgettably extravagant time and feel the monotony fade away as you experience the rides and slides here.

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We offer world’s most cutting-edge rides and attractions to help you spin and whirl through the mischievous world of entertainment. It offers action, thrills and excitement for all ages. Whether you are a kid, teenager, an adult or even senior citizen, we have something for everyone here. After all, age is just a number when it comes to amusement and entertainment.

Apart from thrilling rides, there are themed eateries inside the park’s premises where you can enjoy snacks as well
as full family meals. Each and every minute that you spend here is full of fun and excitement whether you are rolling on a roller coaster, having a meal at the eatery or just lazing around in the park.

The park follows highest globally accepted European Safety Standards “DIN-Deutsches Institut Für Normung” which are also being followed by top amusement parks worldwide. Your safety is our priority and we ensure that you are guarded and protected under all the safety norms as you enjoy thrilling rides here.

It is one of the best places in Boston where you can break monotony and unwind. When life feels boring and colourless, give us a chance to bring the colours back. Find all this and much more when you visit the Amusement Park. Book your ticket today to have a great time! – Funtown Splashtown