Greater Boston has been covered with nearly 5 inches of snow and it also experienced some afternoon showers Saturday. The state is now expected to see a dramatic change on Sunday which can mean a heavy rainfall after a rise in temperature as per National Weather Service meteorologists.

The temperatures are expected to increase into the mid-50s by Sunday afternoon.

At around 1 p.m. Sunday, rainfall is expected again and will be over by 5 p.m., said weather service meteorologist Lenore Correia.

A flash freeze was foreseen and remained a cause of concern for the forecaster as the temperatures went down in the evening. An icy patch was created on roads and Freezing rain advisories were issued in Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, and northern Worcester counties.

“The question is, ‘How fast does that rain move in versus how fast does that freezing air move out?’” Babcock said. “And it looks like there might be a little overlap for the two, so for that reason, we have a freezing rain advisory.”

Those freezing rain advisories will be over by 3 or 4 a.m. on Sunday.

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Boston area saw snowfall slightly earlier than expected at 3 a.m. Saturday. The rain moved offshore within an hour.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation treated and cleaned state roads with about 2,888 pieces of equipment, spokeswoman Jacquelyn Goddard said.

180 pieces were still out at about 11 p.m., according to her.

Logan International Airport had to cancel about 130 flights, which makes about 15 percent of the flights that were scheduled to take off, according to Massport spokesman Matthew Brelis.

Correia informed that temperatures will rise overnight and soar soaring into the mid-50s on Sunday. In the afternoon, rains will start falling again and will be over by 5 pm.