On November 14, Boston Logan International Airport unveiled its modernized Terminal E, a $640-million project that extends the international terminal to 390,000 sq ft with the addition of four gates and various amenities. Resembling a colossal ruby-red boomerang or an intergalactic spaceship, the terminal offers departing passengers sweeping panoramic views of Boston’s skyline.

The distinctive prismatic painted roof, a collaboration between AECOM and Luis Vidal + Architects, was patented by Luis Vidal at Monopol Colors, a Swiss paint laboratory, specifically for this project. Notably, this prismatic paint, subtly altering its hue under different lighting conditions, marks the first instance of such paint being used on an airport facade, according to the project team.

In a statement, Luis Vidal, president and founding partner of Louis Vidal + Architects, expressed, “Boston is one of the most elegant and welcoming cities in the world.” Emphasizing the significance of these sentiments within Logan’s new Terminal E, he added, “It was important to our entire design team that these words become part of the DNA of Logan’s new Terminal E.

The outcome is a bold and striking building, designed with sustainable principles and dedicated to providing a distinctive, comfortable, and healthy environment for both passengers and workers, according to Vidal. Suffolk Construction, based in Boston, played a crucial role as the construction manager for the project.

Sam Sleiman, executive vice president of national transportation operations at Suffolk and former director of capital programs and environmental affairs at the Massachusetts Port Authority, described the project as “a beacon that welcomes international travelers to Boston and represents the airport of the future.”

Sleiman highlighted how the project team successfully addressed numerous challenges to bring “this sophisticated and iconic design vision into reality.” These challenges included navigating pandemic disruptions and working within the constraints of an active airport, necessitating heightened levels of collaboration, transparency, and planning among stakeholders.

With a focus on achieving LEED Gold certification, the design team employed extensive modeling to “sensibly manage solar gain” and maximize daylight throughout the year. Additionally, the team integrated photovoltaic glass for enhanced sustainability.

In terms of resilience, the terminal’s critical infrastructure is strategically elevated above the floodplain. Both the roof and building envelope surpass code minimums, designed to withstand various elements such as snow, ice, rainwater, and high winds from a 500-year storm.

Terry Rookard, a principal architect and senior vice president at AECOM, conveyed Massport’s vision for the new Terminal E as a modern, iconic, international terminal that enhances Logan International Airport’s reputation for providing an elevated passenger experience.